About Us

InventionShare provides inventors with funding, talent, expert processes to accelerate innovation, patent creation and monetization.

The focus is on disruptive inventions with a working prototype protected by patents that can give large companies first mover advantage and a significant competitive edge by licensing the inventions.  This is in contrast to an inventor with a new invention who files a patent, then needs an entrepreneur to raise capital, and then spends the next 10 to 20 years trying to build and scale a company - suffering significant dilution while taking on a daunting amount of business execution risk.

The InventionShare approach completely de-risks the go-to-market plan by leveraging large and successful companies with the inventions, allowing the inventors to execute on what they do best - developing new inventions.

The business is all about the inventors, their inventions and the competitive and first mover advantages for licensees.



Ron Laurie



Corporate Advisory Board


 Paul DiGiammarino   Reuben Sandler
Tom Brogan   David Gibbins


Our Senior Management Team


Greg Waite


 Keith Taylor

Vice President 
Acquisition & Licensing

 Kensel J. Tracy

Vice President 
Invention Catalyst

 Lesley M. Gent
Director Client Relations 
  Alberto Perez
Invention Engineering Analyst 




Invention Advisory Board



Herbert M. Shapiro

John Scheib

Sol Avisar

Peter Donovan
Louk Jurgens



Specialized Advisors & Founders



Derek Armstrong
Steven Delorme
Bryan de Lottinville
David Keys
Scott Barrett


For further information, please address enquiries to information@InventionShare.com