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An improved telecommunications network with increased performance by 10x plus over current technology (5,000 terabits/sec) using conventional COTS (current-off-the-shelf) components

High performance architecture with 80% of the hops reduced to one from three or more without buffering thereby reducing latency


Lower power consumption per unit of throughput with less network congestion and simpler network management


Easy implementation of SDN (software-defined networking)

Diversified traffic distribution (breaking up adjacent data partner correlation) that Eliminates “Route Flapping” (allows reduction of excess capacity)



High service level at near capacity load (99%) with embedded security (fewer interception points)



Patent Portfolio

Coherent Global Networks and Large-Scale Data Centers



First family
Scalable network architecture based on bufferless switches.



Second family
Time-coherent global networks



Third family
High capacity network of multiple switch planes, each having meshed bufferless switches interconnecting source nodes to sink nodes in a pattern which minimizes processing effort




Fourth family
Large-scale data center/geographically distributed network



Fifth family
Electronic switching nodes, stand-alone or modules of a large-scale data center



Sixth family
Packet switching based on contention-free switch modules and distributed control systems



Seventh family
A contiguous switching system for cloud communications / large-scale data centers



Eighth family
Optical spectral-temporal connector interconnecting, a large number of nodes in a full-mesh structure


Ninth family
Distributed control of a vast communication network



High performance

80% of the hops reduced to 1

High Service Level

with fewer interception points

Improved telecommunications network

5,000 terabits/sec


DNS implementation


Network Congestion


"Route Flapping"

first family

Scalable Network Architecture Based on Bufferless Switches

Second family

Time-Coherent Global Networks

Third family

High Capacity Network of Multiple Switch Planes

Fourth family

Large-Scale Data Center/Geographically Distributed Network

Fifth family

Electronic Switching Nodes, Stand-Alone Or Modules Of A Large-Scale Data Center

Sixth family

Packet Switching Based On Contention-Free Switch Modules And Distributed Control Systems

Seventh family

A Contiguous Switching System For Cloud Communications / Large-Scale Data Centers

Eighth family

Optical Spectral-Temporal Connector Interconnecting, A Large Number Of Nodes In A Full-Mesh Structure

Ninth family

Distributed Control Of A Vast Communication Network