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Who is InventionShare?

We provide the opportunity for the world’s largest companies to link with some of the most talented inventors in the world to develop unique high social impact products and processes that provide for a global competitive advantage, generate significant new product opportunities and create more market share and shareholder value.

Our allegiance is to CleanTech and social impact inventions because we need to focus on the long term sustainability of "People and Planet". Our favorite large companies to deal with are those that have made critical investments in Corporate Social Responsibility and have taken leadership in their creation and adoption of products and services that are aligned with the overall well-being for all of the inhabitants of this planet. We adhere to a compressed business model because large companies are uniquely qualified with their powerful business execution engines, intrepreneurial talent and powerful R&D teams to bring high social impact inventions to the masses in the shortest time. Getting important inventions in the hands of great companies while providing our inventors with fair returns "as intellectual athletes" and at par with "top performing pro sports athletes" is our mandate. 

Respecting the Talent of the World’s Great Inventors

Respecting that each of our inventors is the architect and the mastermind behind the invention; we work with our inventors in a professional manner as partners helping them take their inventions to market through existing channels.

Our Approach

  • Understand the needs of the inventor and the invention;
  • Understand the impact the invention can have on the marketplace;
  • Rationalize the business case;
  • Amplify the invention and file high quality patents;
  • Link the invention with companies and organizations that can benefit globally through either developing a unique competitive advantage, a cost reduction, disrupt a marketplace or help in designing a game changing product family application.
Why Inventors Choose Us For Their Inventions?
Inventor Funding, Invention Landscaping, Invention Amplification, IP Strategy , Commercialization Strategy

  • Full Inventor support
  • Pre-engagement strategy 
  • Bridge funding
  • Invest in inventions and IP
  • Invest our time
  • Invest expertise
  • Success participation only 
  • Success ladder
  • Top talent 


What Are We Looking For?

Veteran Inventors with the "Right Attitude"

  • Socially responsible inventions
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Multiple addressable markets
  • Inventors who can help companies implement inventions
  • Experienced and love inventing

Here is What We Say about InventionShare

“Our mission is to focus on game changing inventions that have important social impact on people and planet. We link world-class inventors with the world’s top companies in their category and provide a unique competitive and profitable advantage. Large companies that have embraced sustainability and social responsibility and have respect for inventors and innovation should be rewarded for their unique capabilities to bring the benefits of important inventions to the entire planet - and fast. We are completely white knight IP and we look to the future, not that past. It's all about win win win."

Greg Waite, CEO InventionShare

“Global advantage today is based upon two things, having ground breaking new products or taking existing products and making them more efficient and more profitable, our inventors do both on a global scale.”

Keith Taylor, Vice President Acquisitions and Licensing

“Our inventors have developed some amazing “ game changing” inventions, providing real competitive advantages in a variety of market places.  Those companies that secure, partner or license the invention property will ultimately have an opportunity to have immediate benefits in their market.  Their competitors will always need to find some other way to catch up.”

Kensel J. Tracy, Vice President – Invention Catalyst

Here’s What Inventors Say about InventionShare

“As a former director with the National Inventors Hall of Fame, there were two things that I often heard from the world's greatest inventors.  They said that when they discussed their invention, people would often respond with ‘that’s unbelievable’ and what it really meant was 'I don’t believe you.'

“I absolutely believe in InventionShare because they make the unbelievable, believable.  Not through wishful thinking but through a smart, detailed process and significant action - which allows them to convert too good to be true into too good to be ignored. If you’re an Inventor with a game changing invention, you want InventionShare on your side.”

John Scheib,  Former Director National Inventors Hall of Fame

"The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine."    ~ Nikola Tesla